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Sacred Energy eXchange | ep014

Dive deep with us once again as we turn the conversation to sex and the sacred exchange of feminine and masculine energies. Full of fresh insights and perspectives this...

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The Secret Life of Water w/ Jeffrey Saah | ep013

In this episode our guest and hosts dive deep into the significance of our relationship with water and how not all water is created equally. This episode is definitely...

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“Black” History and The State of The Conscious Community | ep012

In this special episode our co-hosts dive a bit deeper as they openly share their truths, perspectives and observations in an unapologetic fashion about “Black” History month and the...

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Do Dream Relationships Exist? | ep011

Everybody has a different take on what their dream relationship is but how many people are actually living it? In this episode our hosts dive deep into the subject...

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Just Ask | ep010

We ask for things everyday, not all of us appreciating the power there is in that. Some of us find it difficult to ask for things. Come and join...

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Signs We Are Awakening | ep009

Conscious, woke, enlightened, awakened…just some of the terms you may have heard which simply express the shift a person has made or is making in their consciousness or mindset...

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