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The Mission Behind The Mic

Brian "Melanin Rich" Boi-Doku

Show Host

My mission is to create a more prosperous, harmonious and peaceful life experience by mastering my emotions and thought processes. The grander result being sharing, giving and contributing more of myself to the upliftment, ascension and expansion of our collective experience. Bettering ourselves betters the collective is my reality and the realization that everything is connected and my thoughts, words and deeds effect everything and everyone causes me to behave more responsibly and consciously and from a more love centred state of being.

Angela "LLP" Mills

Show Host
My mission is to be a cheerleader of your soul; helping you to step back into your greatness; guiding and enabling you to create and live a heart-led, purposeful and fulfilling life by embracing the darkness, light, love and peace within you and serving others with your unique gifts, skills and talents.
Being a host on the Uplifted Being Show supports my mission.
I also have several roles: I am raising two precious sons; I intuitively guide people on their journey to know themselves and create a rich life experience for themselves and others; I write, sing and perform music, I provide legal advice and assistance on behalf of a public body and I mentor undergraduate law students.
I strongly believe that the more we choose not to associate ourselves with labels and definitions, the more freedom we experience and the more we can embrace the idea that we have much more control over our lives than we think we do.

Brother Dwayne aka Melanin Mind

Show Host

My mission: To give an innerstanding of the metaphysical principles that exist in all life. By applying these metaphysical principles, we can create our reality to be exactly what we want it to be thus unlocking our maximum potential as powerful creators.

Kojo Adjei-Poku


My mission: Grow Learn Build Teach any way possible. I desire to Self actualize and achieve oneness with my true self. In order to do so I follow the blueprint laid out for me by the challenges I’ve been given. These challenges come disguised as talents or ‘gifts’ but regardless they are for us to explore and use to better ourselves and the world around/within us. Once the goal is reached it becomes our duty to help those still searching.

About Our Show

Our vision for the Uplifted Being Show is to empower and enable you, our audience, to get a better understanding of the powerful creators that you are, each and every one of you. We do this by inviting you to share our fun and light-hearted conversations on subjects that you may not usually be interested in or may find inaccessible.
We believe that by focusing inwards, and observing our thoughts and feelings, we can embrace the darkness in us and transform any low vibrational emotions into high vibrational emotions, i.e. light, using the principles of alchemy and metaphysics. Transforming our thoughts, feelings and emotions in this way allows us to re-align with our higher selves so that we are able to create and receive love, abundance, harmony and peace in our lives.
As there is no separation and we are all connected, our vision is to empower and enable more and more people to re-connect and re-align with their beautiful souls to expand and uplift the collective consciousness of this world.



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