Sacred Energy eXchange | ep014

Dive deep with us once again as we turn the conversation to sex and the sacred exchange of feminine and masculine energies. Full of fresh insights and perspectives this is an episode you will not want to miss.

The Secret Life of Water w/ Jeffrey Saah | ep013

In this episode our guest and hosts dive deep into the significance of our relationship with water and how not all water is created equally. This episode is definitely packed with information, knowledge and wisdom so you might want to bring your pen and notepad out or listen to it more than once.

“Black” History and The State of The Conscious Community | ep012

In this special episode our co-hosts dive a bit deeper as they openly share their truths, perspectives and observations in an unapologetic fashion about “Black” History month and the state of the community. Hold on tight as we turn up the passion on this one.

Do Dream Relationships Exist? | ep011

Everybody has a different take on what their dream relationship is but how many people are actually living it? In this episode our hosts dive deep into the subject and question how realistic some of our expectations of manifesting our dream relationships are.

Just Ask | ep010

We ask for things everyday, not all of us appreciating the power there is in that. Some of us find it difficult to ask for things. Come and join us as we share our views on the impact that asking has on our lives.

Signs We Are Awakening | ep009

Conscious, woke, enlightened, awakened…just some of the terms you may have heard which simply express the shift a person has made or is making in their consciousness or mindset allowing them to see and understand a greater truth about life and their role in it. Tune into this episode where the hosts explore different ideas about what this is and how it comes about.

The Vegan Myth w/ Ma’at Re | ep008

Veganism seems to have taken off in a big way over the past few years, with companies like McDonald’s and Walmart all raking in huge profits off of the movement. In this episode we are joined by certified raw food chef and alkaline life coach Ma’at Re as we discuss and breakdown some truths concerning vegetarianism, veganism and alkaline living. Tighten your seat belts and join us on this uplifting ride filled with knowledge, fun and flavor like no other can deliver.

Falling Off Track | ep007

Share in the fun as our hosts usher in the New Year by exchanging views, pleasantries and discuss whether or not we really ever fall “off track.” Is it possible to be on the wrong track? How do we know when and how to get back on track? As many of us have set New Years goals and resolutions this episode aims to explain why staying “on track” can be such a challenge.

Detoxifying Relationships | ep006

Relationships can bring about some of the most fulfilling experiences or some of the most toxic ones as well. Join our hosts and special guest Phoenix Rysing as they explore ways to remove the toxicity out of relationships and the importance of creating and cultivating healthier relationships in our lives.

Wordplay | ep005

Do we know the real significance of the words we choose to use or avoid using? What does our usage of certain words say about us? How do words feed into the reality we create? Explore these issues and more with our hosts in this light-spirited environment.