Health and Wellness

The Secret Life of Water w/ Jeffrey Saah | ep013

In this episode our guest and hosts dive deep into the significance of our relationship with water and how not all water is created equally. This episode is definitely packed with information, knowledge and wisdom so you might want to bring your pen and notepad out or listen to it more than once.

The Vegan Myth w/ Ma’at Re | ep008

Veganism seems to have taken off in a big way over the past few years, with companies like McDonald’s and Walmart all raking in huge profits off of the movement. In this episode we are joined by certified raw food chef and alkaline life coach Ma’at Re as we discuss and breakdown some truths concerning vegetarianism, veganism and alkaline living. Tighten your seat belts and join us on this uplifting ride filled with knowledge, fun and flavor like no other can deliver.

Healing 101 | ep0004

Everyone needs healing at some point in time in their life. Some take more or less time than others and some appear to never heal. In this conversation we discuss both the seen and unseen dynamics of this phenomena as well as why we become wounded in the first place. Join us and see what you think about it during our conversations around the importance of healing and what we’re healing from.