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The Vegan Myth w/ Ma’at Re | ep008

Veganism seems to have taken off in a big way over the past few years, with companies like McDonald’s and Walmart all raking in huge profits off of the...

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Falling Off Track | ep007

Share in the fun as our hosts usher in the New Year by exchanging views, pleasantries and discuss whether or not we really ever fall “off track.” Is it...

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Detoxifying Relationships | ep006

Relationships can bring about some of the most fulfilling experiences or some of the most toxic ones as well. Join our hosts and special guest Phoenix Rysing as they...

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Wordplay | ep005

Do we know the real significance of the words we choose to use or avoid using? What does our usage of certain words say about us? How do words...

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Healing 101 | ep0004

Everyone needs healing at some point in time in their life. Some take more or less time than others and some appear to never heal. In this conversation we...

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The Mind vs. The Brain | ep003

Aren’t these one and the same thing? Apparently not, as we will explore their differences and roles they both play in the experiences we create in this high spirited...

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